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First International Forum on Communication Issues in the Cooperative Movement

Date : October, 8th 2012

Where? : Centre des congrès de Québec

On the occasion of the International Summit of Co-operatives, the field of expertise and research “Communication and Co-operatives” organizes the First International Forum on Communication Issues for Co-operatives. The forum is addressed to both scholars and co-operative practitioners, especially communications practitioners. A dialogue will be launched, providing communication practitioners of the co-operative sector an opportunity to share evolving issues and best practices on an international level.


Main axes of the forum will include :

• How to communicate efficiently with members and non-members?
• What definitions and what missions must be promoted?
• How to mingle web 2.0 and cooperative spirit?
• What roles can communications play in the future of cooperatives?
• How to present the cooperative movement as a model for the future ?