Domaines d'études

Communication and cooperatives

Researchers : Bernard Motulsky and Nadège Broustau

Since 2012, the Chair of Public Relations and Marketing Communication has developed a field of research on communication practices in co-operatives organisations (professional, technical and strategic issues).


Beginnings of the research program are based on two main projects:

  • In collaboration with IPSOS, a study is carried out in Canada, United Kingdom, France, Argentina and Japan. Focus groups held there aim at studying the public perceptions and representations of the co-operatives organisations. Results of these focus groups will be first published during the International Summit Of Co-operatives that will take place in October 2012 in Québec City.
  • Meetings with both scholars and co-operative practitioners, especially communication practitioners. These meetings intend to define what roles communication can play in the future of co-operatives, regarding public expectations and reluctances. Strategic perspectives of communication for co-operatives will be explored. First activity of that launched dialogue : the First International Forum on Communication Issues in the Cooperative Movement that will take place on October 8th 2012 in Québec City.

Events linked to Communication and co-operatives :